Project Proposal

The Disappearance

During the course, my creative thinking skill has been improved. While starting a new project, apart from thinking of a good concept, I also consider about the ability of solving problems of the products which adapt the daily life demand of the customers. In addition, I researched about the behaviour of the customer. Beside, I have experiences using many materials such as perspex, wood, canvas, gold leaves and glasses, which gave me a basic understanding about them. As a result, my crafting skill is increased.

I’ve been reading the fiction Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami. In the book ( Murakami 2002 ), there are lines bellow:

Sumire has disappeared.


Like smoke.”

The fiction interested me towards an idea for my Final Major Project. This time I choose “ the disappearance” as the name of this project. The word “disappearance” represents for something, which does not exist. So, making a product which describes that word is a challenge. Moreover, by starting a project in a very abstract way, which totally different from usual, i want my outcome will be a combination between art and design.

The purpose and aim of this project is putting myself in a professional working condition as a product designer. I want to put my signature style in my products, which can be considered as an installation or a functional product. At the same time, I want to show a good ability of responding to the brief by showing a lot of potential solutions, not just one product as previous project. I will research by reading books, watch movies, investigate through friends and make short films so that I can understand clearer the definition of the word “disappearance”. At this moment, I am researching about “minimalism” and “conceptual art”- 2 styles that I follow in this project. I also try to experiment with new materials such as one-way mirror and resin or thinking of the possibilities renewing the old materials if necessary. Furthermore I will draw many products in isometric style, which respond to the definition of the word “disappearance”. After that, I will choose to make one product, which is the best among many options. Besides, I have to research about suitable crafting skill that suitable with my materials. The outcome can be anything; I do not expect any particular product as an outcome. However, I expect a product that is functional, good quality and fully respond to the brief. In addition, I also want to make a short film which relates to my product.

Evaluation is an important part in my progress. Firstly, in this project I will open a blog to gather inspirations online and I will take note, comment pros and cons of the information I got. Secondly, I will use a reflective journal to reflect my activity in a working day to sum up and change the plan if necessary. Moreover, I will use the reflective journal to gain feedback from tutors and learn from it.


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